Find Out Which 'Pants' Cast Member Flees After Sex [Video]

Ah, the age-old question that plagues all promiscuous twentysomethings: To sleep over, or not to sleep over? Whether male or female, young or young, you may have found yourself in a tricky post-hookup situation that challenged your morals and ability to think fast on your feet. Maybe you felt the need to lie in order to avoid spending the night under unfamiliar sheets ("I've got an early morning meeting" ring a bell?), or, perhaps you were consumed with how to fend off a one-night-stand's suffocating spooning attempts. Nonetheless, it seems that Jason from "I Just Want My Pants Back" is perfectly fine with allowing lady friends to crash--so long as they don't steal his clothing the next morning. The actor who plays him is a totally different story.

In the interview clip below, Peter Vack sheds some light on his own personal post-coital evacuation techniques. Whereas Jason happily hits the pillow after sex, Vack's more of a crawl-back-into-his-own-bed kinda guy. (Let this serve as a warning to all you ladies hoping to snag him as a boyfriend!) Be sure to check out the second clip, too, where Vack talks about what it's like filming sex scenes. Evidently foliage helps him focus.

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