Deena's Feet Fall Victim To The Jersey Turnpike [Bonus Scene]

Snooki's hygiene took a questionable turn during the most recent episode of "Jersey Shore" when she accidentally peed on herself at a club. An embarrassing incident that could realistically happen to anyone (over 85), but it was the way Snooks handled her post-bladder blues that really piqued our interest. While some people would have run home to scrub away the evidence, the mighty meatball masked the proof of a UTI by taking a Shore Shower in the ladies room.

Perfume-as-soap evidently wasn't the only party-popping beauty blunder the girls encountered last week either. Deena had serious hair troubles to untangle, and in the below bonus scene from Episode 5, the soles of her feet take quite a beating, too. "If the color of the bottom of your foot is soot, #DeenaProblems," Pauly shouts after spotting his roommate's charred feet. Fortch, Deena does not subscribe to Shore Shower practices and runs to the bathtub to use some body wash instead.

In the second bonus clip, Mike heads to the barber shop with the boys for some guido maintenance, which happens to involve the hand-eye coordination of Van Gogh. Pauly's getting pretty impatient waiting for his pal's haircut to finish, but no one is leaving until Mike's dome gets its last squiggle.

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