Red Thinks Wes Could Use A Beating In The Cage [Bonus Scene]

Since Wes and Red decided to go their separate ways on "Caged," tension has mounted between them. And now that Wes deals insults to the nurse-in-training about as frequently as hellos, Red says she hopes her ex-boyfriend gets one isolated ass-whoopin' to remind him that he's not invincible inside or outside of the octagon.

Red and Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Brittini, spend a day antiquing (and admiring a $4,500 carousel horse they can't afford) in this Episode 5 bonus scene, and Red says she's tired of going rounds with Wes. She mentions that fights are typical in their cyclical relationship pattern, and that she can't blame Jaxon's dad for his aggression if she continues to enable it. Either way, she'd love it if someone--anyone at all--could cut Wes down to size for once to feed him some humble pie. Brittini volunteers, and it seems all is good to go.

+ Check out the clip below for some more insight into Wes and Red's lengthy and tumultuous relationship, and tell us if you think the guy's first loss this week might have the effect Red's hoping for.

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