Leah Opens Up About Cheating On Corey [Video]

When someone in a committed relationship strays, the reason isn't always cut and dry. It would be easy for us to judge Leah after she admitted to cheating on Corey on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," but we'd encourage you to muster up compassion for the couple as a whole. Both of them were obviously hurting as their marriage imploded and divorce became a very real option, and during this week's "Teen Mom 2 After Show," Leah tries to make sense of what was lacking and why she turned to her ex, Robbie, for comfort before she even said "I do."

"It was like, he was there," she tells host SuChin Pak in the clip below. "I was drunk, and Corey was being mean. It just happened. I know this is weird, but I didn't want to...I didn't think [Corey] cared about me." She goes on to explain that the guilt ate away at her ever since, so much so that she was actually relieved when her husband found out the truth.

But the truth did not set the pair free, and by the end of the episode, Corey and Leah had separated. The young mother does not deny that she messed up, and she takes responsibility for it, but she still can't help but wonder how her husband could give up so easily. "If he loved me like he said he did, it wouldn't be so easy for him to let his marriage go," she also comments in the video. She offered counseling, but Corey retreated and eventually the only communication they had was between their lawyers.

Needless to say, it was an incredibly difficult time for Leah. "I was going downhill for a little while, I'm not gonna lie," she confesses to SuChin. "I was losing a lot of weight, I felt like I was going crazy and I had to see a therapist."

Whatever your opinion of Leah's infidelity, it's worth listening to her open up about the issues that ended her marriage. Ultimately, it takes two people to make a relationship work, and sadly, it just didn't happen.

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