'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Kailyn Get Back Together With Jo?

They've shared some ugly moments in the past, but it became evident during tonight's "Teen Mom 2" that there's still something special there between Kailyn and her son's father. In addition to maybe not-so-accidentally telling Jo she loved him, later on in the episode she invited him to stay the night. It was all but spelled out that the former couple would hook up as soon as the bedroom door shut, and we might have actually been happy for them if not for the existence of poor Jordan, Kailyn's current boyfriend, who seems to truly be smitten by her.

In the below clip from this week's "Teen Mom 2 After Show," SuChin Pak asks Kailyn whether she had any morning-after regrets, and while the young mother doesn't necessarily want to take back being intimate with Jo, she feels enormous guilt over cheating on Jordan. "I still to this day beat myself up over it," she says. "Jordan was such a good guy to me, and he didn't deserve it."

+ Check out the video to hear more from Kailyn about her lingering feelings for Isaac's dad, plus take the poll and tell us where you think she should go from here.

What should Kailyn do next?

  • Break up with Jordan and try to make things work with Jo.
  • Nip things in the bud with Jo and try to salvage her relationship with Jordan.
  • Be single.

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