Snooki Miraculously Wobbles Her Drunk Ass Home [Sneak Peek]

It's a good thing Snooki doesn't always find it necessary to wear hooker heels out to the club. And it's a VERY good thing the "Jersey Shore" boardwalk isn't made of cobblestone. In this sneak peek of Thursday night's all-new episode, the heavily sauced meatball finds herself alone--and completely inebriated--at a bar just walking distance from home. Instead of calling a housemate for assistance, she accepts the 50/50 odds of choosing the right direction and puts one foot diagonally in front of the other.

Hindered at first by a glass door masking itself as fresh air, the plastered guidette eventually stumbles out of whatever fine establishment has plied her with fluorescent booze in plastic shot glasses. And with her little piggies protected by one hideous pair of fuzzy boots, she veers to the left, veers to the right... It's a miracle she makes it through the front door of the house--and to the safety of her bed--without peeing on a street lamp. While she calls this the drunkest she's ever been in her life, we must beg to differ.

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