'Caged' Poll: Can Wes Hit It Big Without An MMA Trainer?

Since we first met Wes nearly a month ago, the "Caged" fighter has been sparring in his backyard instead of a gym, hoping nature instead of surgery will heal his broken hand and deferring to his brother and friends for MMA advice instead of a trainer. Suffice it to say, his methods of practice have been a bit...unmethodical. But hey, who's to question the guy when he's been kicking ass week after week?

That is, until tonight, when Wes was dealt his first crushing blow of the season. Karate Mafia trainer Christian said that he was disappointed by the kid's sloppy moves, and the only way Wes could ever hope to make it big was by following a professional's regimented routine. But Wes doesn't have the luxury of consistent training--he's got a full-time job and a son to support. He said he'd like to commit wholly to living and breathing the octagon but that his financial independence is not worth sacrificing.

+ So, tell us what you think--can Wes be successful training himself, or does he need a pro to help him go further?

Can Wes make it big without a trainer?

  • Absolutely, he was unstoppable before tonight.
  • No, there are some things training in your yard can't teach you.

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