Pauly's New 'Shore' Stalker Isn't Very Chatty [Sneak Peek]

It wouldn't be a "Jersey Shore" summer without a good ol' stalking of Pauly D. Yet his latest predator, unlike Danielle from Seasons 1 and 3, isn't a former hookup. She's just an infatuated stranger (stress the "strange"), and she's got the Pauly D trucker hat to prove it.

Wherever the DJ goes, this random Vanessa person is always lurking (Vinny thinks she snuck a GPS system into Pauly's blowout), but in the below sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode, Vin initiates a face-to-face meeting between his wingman and the lurker-in-question that provides her with an opportunity to finally voice her admiration. Too bad a cat seems to have caught her drooling tongue.

PD could make conversation with a doorknob, but his interaction with Vanessa is so uncomfortable that he jets off to the restroom. Watch the video to see the snub go down, and make sure to tune in to "Jersey Shore" this Thursday to find out if he made a clean getaway. We hope the guy's wearing running shoes.

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