5 People Speidi Owe A Gift Basket And A Hug

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag seem to have turned over a new leaf since they last appeared on "The Hills." The formerly combustible duo made a habit of leaving sore and sobbing victims (and one particularly unlucky weatherman) in their wake, and squeezing an apology out of either was generally unheard of. But we saw a glimpse of amends-making in Speidi last week when both reached out to Lauren Conrad via Twitter to wish her a happy birthday--Spencer even apologized to LC for his past crimes.

Since the married couple are becoming more and more benevolent--or so it seems--we decided to string together a list of those who were previously wronged by them, and some ways in which they can try to make things right. From a bartender scorned to a family member abandoned, here are those still in need of Speidi's mea culpas.

Stacie The Bartender: The bride-to-be drew the ire of Mrs. Pratt when she got chummy with Spencer during a shift at The Dime. Heidi, who refused to believe her husband was at all responsible for the back-and-forth flirting, referred to the shot-pourer as "rude," "a homewrecker" and "a slut." We suggest a round of drinks on Heids as a means to kiss and make up, as well as the most extravagant melon-baller a bridal registry could call for.

Al Roker: In 2009, the "Today" weatherman pressed the couple to explain their villainous behavior on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here." Roker wouldn't relent when the couple tried to sidestep his questions, and after the dust had settled, Spencer tweeted, "WEATHERMAN I thought you were out of town today getting your stomach stapled again?" Spence definitely owes the trim forecaster a reasonably portioned plate of his choosing and a follow-up interview under the influence of truth serum.

Stephanie Pratt: Pratt's younger sister and friend to Lauren Conrad wound up on Spence's bad side time and time again, though it seemed she was only ever trying to help him get on his feet and repair his relationship with Heidi. In one particularly volatile fight (pictured above), Spencer yelled into a crowd that Stephanie had no relevance to his life, and that he'd be better off without her. What might he owe her? A foot-thick book of "free hug" coupons and a homemade "I'm sorry, sis" cake to be delivered at the next family gathering.

"Frangela": Comedy duo Frances Callier and Angela Shelton also appeared on "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" and quickly earned a place on Speidi's s*** list. Frangela wound up in heated battles with the couple, partly because Heidi made a point to infect the air each breathed with clouds of her dry shampoo. An air purifier wouldn't be a bad place to start to make things right with the humor act, and elocution lessons for Spence, who devolved into making "Hoodily-Hoo!" noises at them, certainly wouldn't hurt.

Remote Control: That's right--your experts on MTV talent wasted a dozen precious posts on following the goings-on of Speidi's supposed divorce. We were thrilled when the two decided to get married, and were ready to offer a shoulder for either to cry on when they convinced us it was falling apart, but all we got in return was deceit. You know what could help us forgive and forget? Bunnies. We really like them. Oh, and compensation for our sham-specific Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Photos of Stacie and Stephanie: Miranda Penn Turin, Al Roker: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Frangela: Jason Kempin/Getty Images