Lauren Conrad, Great American Novelist [Photos]

LC: "What do you mean 'only 1 computer'? I require a minimum of 3 to write!"

At various points in our careers, we've tried to crank out literary masterpieces over three-day holiday weekends, but for now, Remote Control remains our greatest accomplishment. Other writers we know, however, have found the time (and dedication!) to scribe a big badass book. Lauren Conrad in particular locked herself away in New York City recently to focus and finish up a draft of her own.

While Faulkner and Hemingway sought refuge in the form of mint juleps, LC's vice appears to be Instagramming in the middle of the creative process. The former "Hills" gal blogged on her website and tweeted about a firm deadline for her forthcoming novel. "Wrote until 3am last night+ now I'm working in my editors office w/ my glasses held on2 my face w/ a rubber band bc I sat on them #deadlines," she posted, before sharing the below photo of her DIY'd specs. Her technique is certainly unorthodox (we were trained to stack just two laptops), but hey, she's the one with books flying off the shelves.

LC: "This is the only way I can get them to stay on…. I mean, I’m basically MacGyver."

LC: "Developing a love-hate relationship with this manuscript… Today hate is winning."

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Photos: Instagram via loladonna @ tfs