'Jersey Shore' Poll: Do Sitch's Boys Have His Back?

With all the whispers and snickers that travel through the "Jersey Shore" house, it was sorta refreshing to see Sitch confront the guys head-on during tonight's episode. A little birdie meatball had apparently relayed that Pauly, Ronnie and Vinny weren't the loyal friends he assumed, so Mike manned up and asked all three if they had an issue they wanted to air out loud. The trio immediately assured him that everything was all good--brothers from another mother and all that--which led Mike to conclude that the real culprit was Nicole. "Snooki was in my ear telling me, 'Hey you're being a little bit naive and some of the guys are talking about you, mainly Pauly,'" he tells Kenny Santucci in the below clip from our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up." "[She] was really just trying to stir the pot and have me almost occupied by fighting and forget about the problem with her and Jionni and myself."

+ Who do you believe? Is Snooki feeding Mike a bunch of lies to deflect attention from their own issues, or do you think the male housemates have actually been talking s***? Watch the video to hear exactly what Sitcharoo claims she told him, then vote in the poll!

Who's telling Mike the truth?

  • Snooki. The guys are being two-faced.
  • The guys. Snooki's trying to get Mike fired up.

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