The 'Jersey Shore' Crew Comments On Snooki's Bladder Issues [Video]

As if publicly urinating on oneself at a club and having to douse soggy nether regions with a restroom attendant's smell goods wasn't embarrassing enough, Snooki hit a real low point on tonight's "Jersey Shore" when a pesky UTI left her pissing into a nearby plant on the house patio. We suppose we should be clear here that "UTI" is not a reference to the Ultimate Tanning Institute; rather, Snooki's urinary tract infection, which she darn near told all of Seaside about. But when tequila shots and licking the salt off of a meatball couldn't soothe the burn, the pained castie made a doctor's appointment so she could seek proper treatment.

In a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," Sammi talks about catching her roommate lifting a leg outside to go wee (it was a first for the Shore house!). She was shocked to see Snooks tapping a kidney in broad daylight, but that wasn't nearly as weird as hearing Snooks tell her dad, who was in town visiting, all about her woman troubles. "They have a unique relationship, so to speak," Mike explains.

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