A Brand-New Tattoo For Every 'Shore'-goer

"Operation Get Vinny Back" was a success! Our favorite pale guido returned to "Jersey Shore" on Episode 4, and he brought with him a permanent marker of the time he peaced out of Seaside. In addition to taking a week at home to rest up and clear his head, Vin also got some new ink. "Let Go, Let God" now graces our sensitive guy's chest--a prime piece of real estate, we might add.

His housemates were pretty interested in getting a look at the tat, and did we perhaps even sense some jealousy? Body art is pretty contagious, after all. On the chance that the rest of the crew is now itching to etch something FTD on their skin, we put our heads together and came up with a few suggestions. Check 'em out below, plus head to MTV Clutch for oodles more tattoo coverage.

Deena: The knuckles are a fantastic place to put your life philosophy on display. Some choose the words "Thug Life" or "Love/Hate"; Deena's should obviously read "Merp Merp."

Pauly: He just got his man back, so we suggest showing him how much he cares by getting a tat of Vinny's face on his back, Steve-O-style. This way he's always there when a wingman is needed.

Mike: It's time to hit Sitch with the hard facts of life. He's not getting any younger, and chances are his impeccable physique won't last forever. But with a tattooed six-pack, he can ensure his "Situation" always lives on.

Snooki: Our little meatball didn't realize how much she missed grocery store pickles until she came home from Italy and got her hands on a jar full of juice. With a pickle tat over her heart, Nicole will never be forced to go without the funky cucumber again.

JWOWW: People say it's bad luck to get a love interest's name inked on your bod, but we're sure Jenni would never regret getting tatted up with her pooches' names. Her two canine children have been right by her side through the bad boyfriends and hard times, so how about finally showing them some real appreciation?

Ronnie: We were psyched to hear the powerful concoction that is Ron Ron Juice will be hitting shelves soon. Perhaps he should think about doing some guerilla gorilla advertising by getting the drink's logo inked on one of his massive biceps.

Sammi: We were introduced to Sam as the "sweetest bitch" we'll ever meet. We're not so sure about that anymore after watching last week's catfight, yet we could easily be reassured if she got an adorable candy heart drawn on her dainty ankle. Just anything but Ron's name, please?

+ What do you think of our ideas? Share your own recommendations for the cast in the comments!

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