Jenelle's Mom Lends Her A Shoulder To Lean On [Bonus Scene]

After the dust settled from Jenelle's nasty brawl with Tori, she packed up her things and moved back in with her mom. No matter how many times we see the "Teen Mom 2" star check out of Barbara's home, she always returns when things go awry in her personal life. Granted their mother-daughter dynamic is chaotic at best, but it's nice to see that Jenelle's always able to reclaim her bedroom when she needs to.

It was the right time for Jenelle to head home, too, because she needed to focus on her upcoming court case, which, as we saw during Episode 10, didn't turn out the way she hoped. In this bonus scene, Jenelle tells her mom about the verdict. The defeated teen explains how Kieffer's lawyer blamed the marijuana possession on her, and while Barbara is disappointed to hear the news, she's considerably calm and supportive. Hopefully this will serve as a turning point in their relationship.

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