'Danger' Is Our 'Caged' Winner Of The Week!

This week's "Caged" champ was in danger of getting buried by personal responsibilities, but ultimately pushed through and pulled off a major victory. Matt aka "Danger" stepped up in a major way in the latest episode, impressing everyone, including fellow fighters Wes and Daniel. Let's take a look at why Matt is our latest winner!

He Shouldered His Burdens With Grace

Danger was asked to run Karate Mafia while owner Donny served time in prison. KM entrusted the 21-year-old to manage the business, but Danger was worried about whether or not he could balance all of his duties. Even though he had no experience running a business, the young fighter embraced his new role as the head of the gym.

His Family Had His Back

Danger had help running Karate Mafia from his sharp-tongued sister, Bri. While he spent time coaching the fighters, she assisted with the day-to-day operations, which helped ease his workload. During his matchup, his sister, mother and girlfriend Laura all turned up to support him, and they were the loudest cheerleaders in the room.

He Won His Toughest Matchup Yet

Danger was asked to take over Karate Mafia nine days before an important fight, which happened to be taking place out of town. When it came time to face his formidable opponent, he took a pounding in the first round. But he's nicknamed "Danger" for a reason, and Matt fought back with some ridiculous gravity-defying moves.

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