Do Rookies Have A Shot At Winning 'Exes'?

During the first episode of "Battle of the Exes," newbies Nate and Priscilla were unfortunately destroyed by vets Wes and Mandi. But just because the "Real World San Diego" roomies bounced so early doesn't mean we should bank on an early exit for the remaining newbies. Everyone's capable of victory, and here's why we think "Real World Las Vegas" alums Dustin, Heather and Naomi could surprise everyone and go far in the competition.

Dustin and Heather

Even though they're new at this, Team Duster have a lot going for them. For one, they're no longer exes! We learned in their preseason interview that they overcame the trust issues that broke them up on "Real World: Las Vegas," so they won't have to deal with the tension that other teams do. Plus, Heather and Dustin impressed everyone by beating vets Paula and Dunbar during the sticky Honey Challenge last week.

As for their individual strengths, Dustin has a pretty serious competitive streak, as evidenced by the temper tantrum he threw after losing a go-kart race on a "Vegas" episode. In the Dominican Republic, Heather proved her shrewdness by immediately strategizing with the other newbies as soon as she stepped foot in the "Challenge" house.  If the reunited lovebirds can continue performing well, we might just see them walk away with the big cash prize.


Naomi started off "Battle of the Exes" by warning Leroy's potential hookups that death was imminent. "I would kill him and kill the girl, and probably bury them in the same bed together," she admitted. It's safe to say he's pretty scared of her, and the veterans should be too. If she brings that kind of conviction and fierceness to the competition, then she might just be the last person standing.

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Photos: Rene Cervantes, MTV