Snooki's UTI Cure Calls For Two Tequila Shots [Sneak Peek]

Cooking a Jionni-worthy chicken cutlet is suddenly the least of dear Snooki's worries. She's got a meatball womanly problem that's causing some serious discomfort, and while those in the know usually prescribe a heavy dose of cranberry juice for such matters, she figures why not throw in a few splashes of vodka--as well as some tequila shots--to speed up the healing process.

Nicole is fearful she's got a UTI (urinary tract infection, not Ultimate Tanning Institute) in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode. Lately, she's been in and out of the bathroom more times than Deena's fallen flat on her ass, but she's waiting till actual BLOOD emerges to schedule a doctor's visit. (Make that a sudden dash to the emergency room.)

Check out the video below to get to know Snooki even more intimately (we didn't know it was possible!) and make sure to catch Thursday's episode to see if she ever succumbs to a proper check-up and antibiotic.

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