That's What You Said...About Abram And Cara Maria's Lover's Spat

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Earlier in the week we posted a preseason interview fight between Cara Maria and Abram, in which the two "Challenge" vets updated us on their current affairs. What started with an "I don't really have anything to say right now" from Abram ended with a whole lot of angry babbling about love and who-knows-what from the same guy. Tension was thick, which is what prompted many fans of the series to share their thoughts on this troubled twosome. Here's what some of you commented on Remote Control and's "Battle of the Exes" page:

Remote Control:

"Cara Maria seems like a free spirit. I was with a girl that is a free spirit, and she was unpredictable and frustrating. It's better to just move along if you can't learn to appreciate that side of them." -- o_z_c_o

"Abram is in real pain because of this girl...I feel like he loves her much more that she loves him!! I kind of hate she is smiling to camera, and he looks like he's depressed. I do like her by the way, but this thing with Abram bothers me." -- Layla

"Whatever, Abram can do better. She's a little too young. Can she please comb her hair and take out all the red matted streaks?" -- displayname

"Battle of the Exes" on

"I think they really love each other, but man was Abe really looking like a controlling lunatic here. I can understand Cara Maria's doubts after seeing this." -- Christina

"I love Cara Maria and think (no matter what color her hair is...and i don't like that color) she's just gorgeous! Aside from that, she's obviously the reason why they are off/on...Abe clearly wants to be with her, but she seems undecided on certain things so hopefully she'll figure it out!" -- nuyork28

"This challenge will make or break the relationship? Already looks totally broken to me." -- Ayite

+ There seems to be a divide among these fans, but how do YOU feel about Cara Maria and Abram's on-camera fight? Let's keep the convo going!

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Photo: Rene Cervantes