Are Tyrie And Jasmine About To Get Physical? [Sneak Peek]

The last time we saw Tyrie and Jasmine together on a "Challenge," they shared a passionate night 25 minutes together, which, depending on where you get your gossip, may or may not have included the bumping of uglies. But their interest in one another was short-lived, and when Jas learned her teammate for "Battle of the Exes" was Ty, you could almost see the steam spewing out of her ears.

With some good money on the line, it's imperative that these two forget the past and move on. (Or, they can just entertain us with their bickering.) Check out this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode, where Jasmine tells Naomi that her partner is still totally into her. 'Course, Jas thinks it's an A and B conversation, but Tyrie is in the other room eavesdropping on their little girl talk. Pissed with her erroneous accusations, he calls her a few fun expletives, and then she returns the favor with a body-check.

So, you guys are still here to win, right?

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