Did Wes ALREADY Shoot Himself In The Foot?

"Challenge" vet Wes has built a near-empire on drawing his fellow competitors into heated political debates fights early into the game, and he made record-breaking time on this week's "Exes" premiere. The notoriously loudmouthed redhead had barely dropped his bags next to the bunk bed of his choosing before getting into it with Camila as a means to shake up Johnny's confidence.

Neither Camila nor Johnny took take the bait, and Wes and Mandi were effectively handed a ticket to The Dome every time Jomila had a say in the matter. Wes said banding together the Rookies was a surefire way to oust Johnny as top dog in the house, but after pissing off Team Teal, no one wanted to side with the guy who shakes the hornet's nest like it's an Etch A Sketch. Wes' alliance gave it a good run on "Fresh Meat 2," but it looks like he (and Mandi, by association) might be on an island this time around.

+ Tell us what you think--do Wandy have a prayer in this game, or have they already completely screwed themselves?

Do Wes and Mandi have a chance at the 'Exes' crown?

  • Not at all, they should just call it quits.
  • Yeah, they've fought through worse before.

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