Facebook Fans Offer Jenelle Advice On How To Chill

Jenelle's been on edge the past couple of weeks, partially due to the fact that she had to stop smoking pot, but we couldn't believe our eyes during the most recent "Teen Mom 2" when she wound up getting into a violent fight with her housemate Tori. Following the episode, fans of the show jumped onto Facebook to share their thoughts about Jenelle's anger issues. Here's a sprinkling of the advice some of them left for her:

"My advice for Jenelle is to look at herself and learn to love herself and see the inner beauty that is in all of us. Forgive others and forgive herself so that she can move on to better things like raising her beautiful son, Jace. Seeing a therapist is great when necessary and I believe, like many other viewers, that she needs it. Also, she must not give up! There's hope for everyone." -- Jaz

"If I had the chance to tell her anything: There is no rule book in parenthood so you are bound to make some mistakes...but the key is to learn from them." -- KayCee

"You know what...I can relate to her anger issues. Have her anger issues gotten out of hand? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean she is a bad person...she is damaged. She does need help, as many people in this world do. I think most of us have said and done things that we regret...love makes us do crazy things. I'm not going to insult her like most people seem to enjoy doing. I hope she gets help and can feel more in control of her life." -- Tracy

"I've got a BAD temper, too, but I learned you need to breathe deeply!! And learn how to chill." -- Melissa

"Jenelle really needs some real POSITIVE reinforcement. How do you get into a fight with your roommate over Kieffer's butt? Seriously? Yes, they party all the time but you gotta be respectful. If what she saying is true about her roommates partying all the time, then that is not the place for her. She needs to disappear like thousands of miles away for a while to sort herself out before committing to a relationship." -- Linda

+ What do you think of everyone's insight? Sound off in the comments and tell us what kind of advice you'd give Jenelle if she came to you for help.

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