See A Prime Example Of Why Nate Got Ousted From 'Exes'

Poor Nate. Poor, poor Nate. He was the ultimate prankster on "Real World: San Diego," but sadly, in his first "Challenge" outing, the joke was on him. "The Battle of the Exes" and he posessed two very different senses of humor.

As a rookie, Nate had an uphill battle ahead of him from the get-go, but he was bold enough to lay down the foundation of a takeover with partner Priscilla and fellow newbies Dustin and Heather. Unfortunately, as he went down (time and time again) in the honey-slathering mission, his plan went up in flames, and after being forced into The Dome as the last-place finisher, he and Priscilla were ousted by vets Wes and Mandi. We would have liked to see him follow through with his coup...but, we like seeing the GIF above even more.

Not a whole lot else to say: Watch and laugh (with Nate, not at him) your honey-covered ass off!

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