'Jersey Shore' Season 5, Episode 4: Just Full Of Surprises

At the start of Episode 4, Mike nearly followed Vinny's lead and peaced out of Seaside after getting the birthday blues, and big bossman Danny told the remaining "Jersey Shore" housemates he was considering recruiting some fresh blood. To dissuade him from wrangling another employee (and roommate), Deena and Snooki put in a good, hard day's work for once, but their efforts weren't as successful at home when Vin shut down their request for his presence at Sitch and Pauly's upcoming surprise party.

Speaking of which, what would a Seaside Heights bash have been without some local strippers? JWOWW and Sammi met New Jersey's finest...talent agents...to prepare Karma's rooftop space for the big night. Sam was perturbed by the "Wizard of Ass" title one carried, but the show had to go on, and Jenni had a shift at work to be late for. Sadly, she found no solace there, either, and after noticing Danny's follow-through with his threat in the form of a Help Wanted ad, Jenni promptly tore it down and noted that any potential new roommate would get nothing from her but a "f*** off."

The Meatballs finalized the party details with a trillion balloons and a pair of bunny costumes, while Ronnie finally figured out where Roger's been hiding. A few last-minute pregame drinks were downed, the group made its way out, and Pauly and Mike, still clueless of what was to come, were immediately silly-stringed, lap-danced and presented with some novelty T&A cakes. Oh, and while birthday sex Round 1 was a no-go, the second time proved to be a charm for Pauly and Mike, who landed an on-the-clock stripper with a compulsion for matching socks.

Deena took the edge off a couples' outing by planning a prank to scare the crap out of her housemates with the previously purchased Beatrix Potter couture, while Nicole and Jionni didn't even consider heading out before smushing. Sam, on the other hand, waited until she'd made her way through the club's front door to get her aggression out, and good ol' "Sweetheart" put up the dukes we hadn't seen since Season 3 after another clubgoer yanked her hair. After some scratching, slapping and a good bruise or two, Sammi seemed to come out on top. And she STILL held onto her clutch, if you had any doubts. Trouble followed Deena home, whose mojo with Joey was killed by a temperamental alarm clock.

Still, Deena and the crew found time--after Mike and Snooks shared a sweet bonding moment--to devise a plan to bring Vinny back to his second home. With T-shirts of their own design that honored their MIA comrade, and in two SUVs straight out of "Cops," the seven remaining housemates made their way to Staten Island to force Vin out.

With some encouragement (and coercion, quite frankly), Vin agreed to return to Seaside Heights and now had the rest of the summer to explain his new "Let Go, Get God" chest tattoo to his quite-confused housemates.

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