Vinny On His 'Shore' Return: 'I Mustered Up Enough Strength'

We had a gut feeling--actually, it was more of a sneak peek--that Vinny's "Jersey Shore" departure wouldn't be permanent, especially if his friends had anything to say about it. The housemates, who successfully executed Operation GTGVB (Gym, Tan, Get Vinny Back) during tonight's episode, may have realized it was important for him to rest up at home, but they never fully understood the true nature of his anxiety and how much goes into the recovery process. We can't blame them for prematurely busting through the doors of his Staten Island residence with a demand to bring him back--they missed the guy like crazy, and so did we--but in our final "Jersey Shore Hook-Up with Vinny" interview below, he admits their surprise visit possibly came a few days too soon.

It's not as if Vin didn't want to spend the summer with his crew, and he was incredibly flattered by their kidnapping plot, but his form of anxiety isn't something that disappears the moment he hugs his mother and eats a homemade meal. Heading back to the beach wasn't as easy for him as it may have looked. "I mustered up enough strength just to get through the door of leaving my house and into the car...When I went back, it was still hard."

Watch the video to hear more from Vinny on his shaky return to Seaside and how he coped for the rest of the season, plus check out the second clip for an explanation on his "Let Go, Let God" chest tattoo.

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