Sitch Explains His Mysterious Disappearing Act [Video]

It was a one-man exodus that no one could explain.

On the heels of what Mike believed to be the suckiest birthday ever, he quietly wandered out into the unknown last week. Where he went and why he left was uncertain, but when boss-man Danny called attendance on tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," the rest of the house drew blanks when attempting to report on Sitch's whereabouts. He was gone like the wind of an American classic.

Thankfully, Mike returned home unscathed, but not without a slap on the wrist from his roommates. In a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," host Kenny Santucci asks the lone wanderer to explain his vanishing act. He says he was in a terrible mood (you know, cuz he's a Cancer and that's what happens, astrologically speaking) and just needed time to himself. He drove around to clear his head for a few hours and eventually came back. "Sometimes I'll just abracadabra," he says of his Jimmy Hoffa-like disappearance.

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