Would You Watch A 'RW/RR' vs. 'Jersey Shore' 'Challenge'?

Who could shatter more glass in five minutes: Snooki or Jasmine? Who could displace more fine home furnishings before the bell rings: CT or Ronnie? "Challenge" vets Mark and Diem are dying to know!

The two "Battle of the Exes" competitors recently told TheInsider.com that a showdown between "Challenge" competitors and the "Jersey Shore" cast might be just the ticket to spice up the series (what, pairing you with your former hookups wasn't enough?). In 22 seasons, "The Challenge" has forced enemies to work together, put men and women on separate sides and even dabbled in a three-team format. But what it hasn't managed to do is extract America's favorite guidos and guidettes from Seaside Heights and force them to jump off a building or eat something with signs of decay. Pickle juice is one thing, but could Snooki put a few roaches down? We're not so sure, but Mark says he'd be ready to take on "The Situation" if need be.

+ Check out Mark and Diem's interview and tell us if you'd watch a showdown between shows! (Oh, and just in case we got your hopes up, you should know this poll has absolutely zilch effect on MTV programming.)

Would you watch a RW/RR versus Jersey Shore showdown?

  • I wouldn't miss a second!
  • Nah, too gimicky.

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Photo of Ronnie: Scott Gries/Picture Group