Sammi Gives A Play-By-Play Of Her Club Fight [Video]

Don't you EVAH dare touch Sammi Sweetheart's hair extensions, because if tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore" is any indication, girl will go loco.

Whilst enjoying a lovely couples' night out at Bamboo, Sam and her silky tresses were assaulted by a female clubgoer, who, apparently didn't know who she was messing with (guess she didn't watch the Miami season). The "Shore" cameras suddenly went all herky-jerky in a rush to capture the catfight, which quickly devolved into full-on coed melee. Needless to say, it was pretty awesome.

One person who wasn't laughing? Sammi, naturally, who spends an average of two hours each day perfecting her do before heading out in public. She tells Kenny Santucci in the below clip from our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-up" that as soon as she felt the tug, she flipped on her bitch switch. "I never had somebody disrespect me in that way, just to pull on my hair for no reason, so, of course, I turn around and throw my drink, and it just went downhill after that."

+ Watch the video to hear more from Sam about the sneak attack, as well as her natural instinct to defend herself hair, plus tell us in the comments whether you think she held shiz down!

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