Jamie Lynn Spears Offers Support To Chelsea From 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea at the 'Teen Mom 2 After Show' taping, and Jamie Lynn at the 'Footloose' premiere in Nashville.

It was just as tough as usual to watch Chelsea break down over Adam during this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2." After weeks of putting in another solid effort to make the relationship work, he told her that he didn't like her anymore, which caused immediate tears and self-blame. It was useless for us to get angry at Adam over his comment--this isn't the first time he's made the mother of his child cry--but many viewers reached out to Chelsea to offer their support. Among them was fellow mom Jamie Lynn Spears, who shared some kind words via Twitter following the episode.

"I think @ChelseaHouska is sooo damn pretty... Way too pretty to be crying over (whatever his name is)!!!" Spears tweeted. Touched by the sentiment, Chelsea asked Spears if she'd be interested in arranging a playdate for their daughters, perhaps to give the moms time to bond further and swap tips on being young parents. This just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Photos: Brendan Tobin, Ed Rode/FilmMagic