Daniel's Mom Isn't Sold On His Girlfriend [Sneak Peek]

As tough as a Southern gentleman might become, he is rarely bold enough to defy the likes of his mother. Daniel is no exception to the rule, and when his mom catches wind that her son's on-again/off-again girlfriend, Brittini, is throwing the "Caged" fighter flak, she's ready to put her foot down.

Daniel stops by his equally golden-haired parent's house in this sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode and explains that he's spent the better part of the day ignoring texts from Brittini that have accused him of "a**hole" behavior. The MMA hopeful admits his mother's opinion has definitely affected his past relationships--she hasn't been afraid to let him know when she doesn't like a girl, and the prospect in question generally gets the boot if that's the case. As things stand, Brittini's aggression paired with her no-show at Daniel's losing fight is certainly not earning her any medals with the matriarch.

+ Check out the clip below and weigh in on the couple's chances of survival.

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