Leroy Isn't Laughing About Naomi's Death Threats [Video]

Sneak peeks of "Battle of the Exes" were few and far between before tonight's premiere, yet Naomi was nonetheless able to beat us over the head with a single instruction for her partner: Leroy was, by no means, allowed to hook up with another girl while in the Dominican Republic. But the sex embargo did more than kill Leroy's mojo, according to Team Yellow's Y-chromosome representative; it killed the pair's competitive chemistry.

Beyond the fact that Naomi's threats were baseless--as the two were not dating, and Leroy was single--they distracted the "Real World: Las Vegas" alumni from keeping focus on the game, Leroy says in a clip from our first installment of MTV.com's "Ex-ual Tension" after show. "Let's just say if there was a guy on the 'Challenge' that she liked, I would never go to her to say, 'You can't hook up with that guy,' " Leroy comments to his fellow castmates. "Just play the game--we here for money." And, evidently, a murder mystery, if Leroy ultimately decides to defy his former hookup buddy's wishes.

+ Check out the video below and tell us what you think in our poll: Does Naomi have the right to ban Leroy from making moves on another "Exes" chick?

Is Naomi justified in telling Leroy not to hook up?

  • Yes, it wouldn't be fair to her.
  • No, he's single. It's as simple as that.

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