Ty Turns Inward To Explain Why He Hates Emily [Video]

"Hatred" might not be a strong enough word to describe the feelings on display whenever Emily and Ty are within five feet of each other. During tonight's premiere of "Battle of the Exes," Em was so pissed to discover that her former D.C. fling, Ty, was her partner that when TJ asked them to stand together, she responded by saying, "You can come over here; I'm not going over there." Ouch.

If we had to guess why they dislike each other so much, we'd probably say it has something to do with their history of hooking up (sex ruins all!). But it's not our story to tell, so we asked Ty to give it a whirl in the first installment of our weekly online after show, "Ex-ual Tension." He's never been one to let himself appear vulnerable, which is why we were humbled to hear his honest explanation. "I know she's never ever gonna be attracted to me or like me as a friend in that way, and as a result, I put myself away," he admits. Em may not be into him anymore, but this rare moment of introspection might just attract a whole new batch of ladies for ol' Ty.

Check out the clip:

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