21 'Challenge' Fans Suit Up For Tonight's Premiere [Photo]

Johnny Ratta and friends submit some serious 'Challenge' fan mail.

One of the more rewarding things about working at MTV is seeing how dedicated--and creative--our viewers can be. We've received quirky fan fiction, "Jersey Shore"-inspired animated GIFs and even superstar raps, and today, we came across something that involved one of our favorite things: costumes.

The above photo was tweeted by @J_Ratta with the comment "@tjlavin you think u can get us on the next season of the challenge?" The pic showcased himself and 20 of his friends posing as current and past contenders--all suited up in uniform. Leave it to "Challenge" fans to take casting for a potential next season into their own hands!

Unfortunately, we have absolutely nothing to do with picking show talent, but if we did, you best believe these guys would be the first people we'd call.

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Photo courtesy of J_Ratta