Actor Behind Ricky Schwartz Wants To See The Guy's 'Softer Side'

He played Tamara for a fool and stole a kiss from her drunken best friend, Jenna Hamilton, but Ricky Schwartz must have a sensitive side somewhere inside him, maintains the actor behind our mustached manipulator.

This might be awkward, but we remain unconvinced...

Matthew Fahey sat down with Salt Lake Magazine while promoting "Excision" and "The First Time" (hey, isn't Dylan O'Brien in that, too?) at the Sundance Film Festival to tell the publication he'd like to see good ole Ricky in a different light when "Awkward" Season 2 premieres. that doesn't emphasize what a d*** the guy can be.

"Maybe it would be nice if they show a softer side of me," Fahey said. "And possibly being the nerd I am with no athletic ability, it could be really fun to have me try out for the soccer team or football team or basketball team."

Ricky Schwartz, the athlete? We don't think we'd recognize him. Apparently, though, once Fahey leaves set each day, no one else does either. "It's because my hair is different than it is on the show," he said. "It's shorter and spikier, and on the's...really bad."

+ What do you think about seeing the nice guy emerge from the flat-follicled Ricky Schwartz? Could it happen, or is "Awkward" just bound for more of his troublemaking? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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