'Exes' Poll: Are CT And Diem Still In Love?

Well, that was awkward. After years of not speaking, former lovebirds CT and Diem were named a "Battle of the Exes" team on tonight's premiere. And not long after TJ Lavin broke the news, the two were bickering over who was the suckier significant other.

We like CT. We also like Diem. We're not positive we like DiCT. They were totally weird with each other before the game even started, and it remains to be seen if the sum of their parts is greater than they're individual strength--surely it's difficult to rely on a partner who once broke your heart, and as we know from past competitions, trust between teammates is an essential component for winning.

Watching them rehash their failed relationship at the end of the episode solidified that there are still feelings between this "Challenge" duo, but we're not quite sure whether it's that of leftover love, hatred or both. There's definitely some hurt involved.

+ We're looking forward to finding out more, but in the meantime, hear Paula, Cara Maria, Ty and Leroy ponder their fellow castmates' dealio in the below clip from the very first installment of our online after show, "Ex-ual Tension," plus take the poll and tell us if you think DiCT are still in lurve.

Are CT and Diem still in love?

  • Yep, it's pretty obvious.
  • No, it's been years since they dated.

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