Tension Surrounds 'Exes' Teammates Cara Maria And Abram [Video]

"Weird" is a benign word people use to describe the temperamental romance between "Challenge" vets Cara Maria and Abram. The two love children met on "Cutthroat," when their interest in one another materialized in a way that we can only describe as "unconventional" (seriously, they used to draw on each other). Since then, they've broken up and gotten back together more times than Cara Maria changes her hair beads, so how will this on-again/off-again couple fare as teammates on "Exes?"

We sat them down in the Dominican Republic to talk about the upcoming season, and in the long, drawn out interview below, it appears as though this team has a lot to work through. When we asked them the current status of their relationship, the answer was murky at best. "The last time I checked we were together, but every five minutes things change," a defeated Cara Maria said. We probed for more details from Abram, but found ourselves on the outside of what felt like an intense couples therapy session. Take a look for yourself.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes