Pauly's DTF Is One Helluva Motormouth [Bonus Scene]

Days before Pauly D's birthday ended shamefully with The Bosnian That Couldn't Wouldn't, he found himself entertaining another chick that was almost just as disappointing. During last week's episode of "Jersey Shore," the DJ scooped up a hot little multilingual woman on his way out of a club. He hoped, of course, that she'd be well-versed in the language of lust, but as it turned out, she only wanted to--you guessed it--talk.

In the bonus scene below, Pauly brings his lady home, and instead of immediately getting her undressed, he finds himself on the receiving end of an annoying game of 21 Questions. With the night ticking away, he answers as many as he can before creatively stopping the interrogation with his tongue. Leave it to Pauly to figure out how to end even the worst cross-examination.

And Pauly wasn't the only one in the house up to tricks. In the second clip, Team Meatball refuse to comply with smoking bans during their day of "wasty pants" fun. After being told by a driver that they cannot smoke in his car, they light up a cig and proceed to inhale...until Snooki drops it out of the window. It ain't Meatball Day if state ordinances aren't completely ignored and koo-kahs aren't blurred out by the production team!

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