Kailyn Justifies Her Right To Receive $500 A Month [Video]

Even though Jo finally conceded to paying Kailyn child support, he had a real problem with the final number--$500 per month--during tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2." He appealed the ruling, arguing that Kail wasn't doing everything in her power to earn a better income and he shouldn't have to make up the difference. Frustrated with his attitude, the young mother was left with no choice but to find a lawyer and prepare for the upcoming hearing.

In the below clip from this week's "Teen Mom 2 After Show," Kailyn talks to host SuChin Pak about some of the claims Jo made in his appeal. She admits that she could very well go out and get a "better job," as Jo put it, but she's not convinced that taking the time off from motherhood and school to search for new work is ultimately the best move. A new employer might not be as accommodating to the needs of a single parent, and it could ultimately cause her more stress.

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Should Kailyn look for a higher-paying job?

  • No, her current job is ideal for a single mom.
  • Yes, she should at least try to make more money.

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