Leah Vents About Corey's Communication Problems [Video]

At the start of tonight's "Teen Mom 2," Leah was visibly frustrated by the condition of her home--it was falling apart. She and Corey agreed on the necessity to explore new places and ended up finding some available land at an affordable price. Unfortunately, when it came time to check out new mobile homes to put on that land, Corey surprisingly had a change of heart.

It was obvious that Leah felt very alone when her husband expressed interest in buying a truck rather than a new place to live. She felt they should make big financial choices as a couple, and hearing that he suddenly decided to get a car really threw her off. Relocating was something Leah wasn't willing to budge on, and at the end of the episode, she told him she was going shopping with or without him.

In the below clip from this week's "Teen Mom 2 After Show," the young mother talks about Corey's troubling behavior. After working five days a week and driving the girls all over town, all she wanted from her husband was a little support, which, according to her, was impossible to get on a consistent basis. Leah didn't want to give Corey an ultimatum, but her kids always come first so she had no choice but to put her foot down.

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