Jenelle Looks Back On Her Vicious Fight With Tori [Video]

We've seen Jenelle struggle with anger issues ever since her "16 and Pregnant" days, but she's really been put to the test on the current season of "Teen Mom 2." Unfortunately, during tonight's episode she failed at keeping her temper in check and wound up getting into an incredibly violent fight with her housemate Tori. It was startling to witness both girls attacking each other so viciously, yet we've sensed an increase in Jenelle's irritability for weeks now and weren't necessarily surprised to see her finally blow.

In the below clip from our latest "Teen Mom 2 After Show," Jenelle defends her actions to SuChin Pak, saying that her roommates were constantly partying and she didn't want her son regularly visiting the equivalent of a frat house. Her point is valid, though we can't help but wonder if the young mother will eventually own up to her part. Check out the video below to hear Jenelle's take on the incident.

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