The 'Jersey Shore' Crew Hatches A Plan To Kidnap Vinny [Sneak Peek]

The better part of the "Jersey Shore" cast gave Vinny its support when he left Seaside Heights after revealing struggles with anxiety. But...then a few days passed, and now they're over that crap. Isn't he healed yet?

Pauly D, Snooki and the gang devise a plan to break their little brother out of his Staten Island compound and bring him back to the beach in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode. Adorned with T-shirts that read "Free Vinny" and "Vinny, You're Coming Home," the seven spies launch Operation GTGVB: Gym, Tan, Get Vinny Back. In two luxury SUVs, they roll out of town, burn rubber toward New York and pull up to Vin's house like a SWAT team. The assembly squad runs to the front door and tries to bang it down, but will the effort be in vain? Check out the video clip and decide whether or not this was a good move on their part.

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