Wes Wants Another Shot With 'Exes' Teammate Mandi [Video]

The first time we saw Wes and Mandi paired up was on "Fresh Meat II," when the redheaded ruler nearly lost control of his empire and, as a result, could barely focus during The Exile elimination. He redeemed himself for that poor performance by kicking some butt in "Rivals," and eventually wooed Mandi into his love chamber, but it's been a long time since she's found herself entangled in Wes' bunk bed sheets. Now that these two former cuddle buddies are paired up on "Exes," we're curious to see where things will go, though they gave us a good idea when we spoke with them just days before the game started.

In the interview below, Wes claims that he and Mandi had real feelings for one another and he's not ready to back down, despite the fact that she now has a boyfriend. "I don't want to ruin this new relationship, yet I really want to, like, nap with her," he says with an evil smirk. "All I want is for her to get drunk and say nice things to me." Time will only tell if his persistence pays off.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes