Snooki Tweets 'Gorilla Beach' Cover Options...Have A Favorite? [Photos]

Snooki's a surfer girl in one cover option for the upcoming "Gorilla Beach."

Now that Snooki has confessed her life story, it's time for her to venture back to the "Shore" and scribe the summer's sure-to-be best seller, "Gorilla Beach." The plot is already set for this follow-up to last year's "A Shore Thing," but our meatball might need your help with some art direction (and surf lessons, evidently, if there are any interested parties).

Snooks recently tweeted a couple of cover options she's considering for the tale of Gia and Bella's return to Seaside Heights. On one option, she's ready to take on riptides and can't be bothered with the likes of hot dudes. On the other, she balances on one leg (in a pair of spikes that might send her to the floor at any second) in happy admiration of a particular juiceheady guido. Two options worthy of the honor, but two options that send very different messages about what's to come from the fictional characters' second time on the boardwalk.

+ We ask you: Which is your favorite "Gorilla Beach" cover? Should Snooki go solo for her third offering of literary greatness, or does she belong with the juicehead? Take the poll!

Nicole hangs on the arm of a juicehead in a second "Gorilla Beach" cover option.

Which potential 'Gorilla Beach' cover is your favorite?

  • Snooki solo on surfboard.
  • Snooki with said gorilla.

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Photos courtesy of @Snooki