Stiles To Have A New Love Interest On 'Teen Wolf'

Sorry, Lydia--you snooze, you lose (comas included).

"Teen Wolf" star Dylan O'Brien took some time out of promoting his new film, "The First Time," at the Sundance Film Festival to share some interesting news in the realm of Stiles' love life: namely, that one is about to exist. That's right, come Season 2, the perpetually single sidekick will finally have his day in the romantic sun!

"Yeah, that's happening," O'Brien told The Hollywood Reporter. "[Stiles has] got this whole Lydia thing Season 1, and that's how it started this season, but it changes a little bit. I don't know, there may be somebody else! Oh!"

O'Brien played it coy after that, joking that Stiles is actually dead (the horror!) but told THR the love interest also means a new character will come into play. Where will she fit among cast guidance counselor Bianca Lawson or that dude from "Battlestar Galactica"? Hard to say, but if Lydia ever wakes up (and makes it out of Peter Hale's house safely), that girl better watch her back.

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