Could Things Be Any More Awkward Between 'Exes' Diem And CT? [Video]

It was the love story of all "Challenge" love stories. CT and Diem, polar opposites that attracted while competing for cash on "The Duel," ultimately returned home with a prize worth arguably more than all the money in the world: butterflies. Their mutual crush quickly blossomed into a serious relationship that seemed to have real staying power, but sadly, the couple's storybook romance eventually soured and they went their separate ways.

It had been quite a long time since DiCT had even spoken--since the "Duel 2 Reunion," to be exact--when we sat them down in the Dominican Republic to talk about being "Battle of the Exes" teammates. And, boy, was it uncomfortable! Check out our interview with the pair, in which CT ups the awkward level by saying he "liked her better when she had the wiffle." Wethinks some feelings still exist on both sides, but go ahead and decide for yourself whether or not you agree.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes