'Caged' Poll: Does Red Have Reason To Be Upset With Wes?

When "Caged" kicked off a couple of weeks back, we got hints here and there that Wes and Red's relationship was a roller-coaster ride, and tonight, we saw just how back and forth things can get between the two. When Red wasn't reprimanding the father of her child for being occasionally absent, Wes was giving it right back to Red by mocking her Father's Day gift. They both said they loved each other but were tired of bickering constantly.

Things came to a head one night when Red called a friend in an empty parking lot and told her she'd found online evidence that Wes had been dating other girls while the two were broken up. Red said he was well within his right at the time, but that she'd outright asked if he had, and he denied it. Wes considered proposing to Red only a short time ago, but it looks like this might be a tough one to recover from.

+ Tell us what you think: In the case of Ross Wes and Rachel Red, does the latter have the right to be upset with the former? Or did the split grant Wes the freedom to do what he wanted--no questions asked--at least while he and Red were on a break?

Is Red's anger toward Wes warranted?

  • No, they were on a break and it wasn't her business.
  • Yes, Wes should have been honest about seeing other girls.

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