That's What You Said...About Snooki's Makeup-Free Mug Shot

We've spotted pics of Snooki donning eyelashes so long she can barely blink, and we've also seen her go out of the house with alarmingly pale skin, but up until this week, we couldn't remember a time when we saw the dashing diva strike a pose completely makeup-less. After we shared the above image of the "Jersey Shore" guidette without tons of face paint, we were curious to hear how her fans would respond--here's what some of you said on Remote Control and Facebook:

Remote Control:

"Snooki, girl, you look so amazing without makeup! I'm mesmerized by your natural beauty! Don't wear makeup anymore!" -- Jane

"Snooki is naturally beautiful and should really only wear heavy makeup when she's going out. That way, the world gets to enjoy her beauty both ways." -- Diana

"Snooki, most girls wear makeup because they look awful without it. You are the exact opposite. You look AMAZING without it--when you have the war paint on, it actually takes away from your beauty." -- Keolahiwahiwa


"She looks way cuter without it! She should embrace her natural beauty!" -- Jacinda E.

"She should practice less is more, so she'll have beautiful skin longer. I think she's a pretty girl who doesn't need all that makeup, as evident in this picture." -- Catherine R.

"OMG I don't think I've ever seen Snooki look so clean before! Every time I'm watching "Jersey Shore" I just feel like getting her and throwing her in a Hot bath to give her a scrub down." -- Alexssa R.

+ Seems like it was unanimous: EVERYONE loved how Snooki looked without makeup! Did you miss out on sharing your opinion? Keep the convo going and leave a comment.

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Photo courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page