Team Meatball Practice Their Gangsta Boogie [Sneak Peek]

Not everyone's cut out for a club brawl. After all, when you don't meet the height requirement for the boardwalk Ferris wheel, it can be a stretch trying to make people think you're all gangsta. But Snooki and Deena are determined to learn some swagger in this sneak peek of Thursday night's new "Jersey Shore" episode, in which they look to Pauly D for a lesson in how to "walk hard." Covered in fake tattoos and trucker hats, Team Meatball put on their best street thug act, which basically amounts to a lot of slightly off-the-mark hand gestures, hip wiggles and threats of violence directed at the confessional room camera. Sadly, for all their effort, Pauly gives them a thumbs-down when asked if they're ready to rumble. They should probably just stick to dance battles for now.

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