Want To Pass For A Pirate? Cara Maria's Got You Covered

You know that moment when you leave your house, ready to take on the world, but you're just like "WHY CAN'T I HAVE NOVELTY SKULL BEADS ENTANGLED IN MY PIRATE HAIR LIKE CARA MARIA FROM "THE CHALLENGE?!" Look no further, friends, as the horse whisperer who loves a latex dress has got you covered. You'll never not appear as if you reek of rum that's siphoned out of a barrel again!

The consummate runner-up has lent VampFangs.com her secrets to achieving the perfect Jack Sparrow likeness. Adorned with everything from shiny purple skull beads to metallic stones, each "Dirty Pirate Dread" is handmade by CM herself, and is the perfect accompaniment to boring follicles everywhere. And, some are even autographed, so you'll never forget where the source of your dapper 'do came from. Ahoy!

Check out Cara Maria's creations (and her own sexy oil concoction, if you're feeling more wench than pirate), tell us what you think about them and cast your order ASAP! And remember...


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Photo courtesy of VampFangs.com