Corey And Leah Start Fighting Over Finances [Sneak Peek]

The stress of Ali's health condition coupled with vague doctors' assessments has really taken a toll on young parents Leah and Corey. During this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2," they learned the geneticist wouldn't be able to retest Ali for another year. Instead of stressing for an entire 12 months, they decided to focus some of their attention on their careers.

While Leah got a kick out of seeing how excited Corey was to attend coal-mining school, they seem to be struggling with their relationship. She's always been frustrated with Corey's lack of participation when it comes to the Ali's doctor's appointments, and in the below sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, she asks her husband to take part in their search for a new mobile home. He doesn't think it's a good purchase, but Leah's the one at home all day with the twins and think it's an absolute necessity. Hopefully they can work this out.

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