Sounds Like Dunbar Has His Eyes On His 'Exes' Partner [Video]

Dunbar and Paula have always had a messy relationship. They fell for one other on "The Island," messed with each other's heads on "The Duel II" and solidified their faithless friendship during "Cutthroat," when Dunbar shamelessly tossed her ass into the Gulag after writing her a letter stating his unyielding commitment. So can we expect any sort of pledge from this team now that they're paired up on "Battle of the Exes," and more importantly, has she forgiven D-Bar for being a D-Bag?

Team Dunla sat down with us to talk about what actually went down between them on previous "Challenge" seasons. In the interview below, Dunbar awkwardly apologizes to his teammate for screwing her over during "Cutthroat." Paula accepts, which he takes as an invitation to flirt, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend back home. "He can trust that nothing happens on camera," Dunbar says cleverly.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes